Job Search Success System – Learn How to Get Interviews, Negotiate, & Unlock the Full Potential of LinkedIn

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This award-winning, home study course has taught thousands of professionals worldwide how to eliminate the frustration, cost and time associated with most traditional job searches. You can find out EXACTLY how to get more interviews and offers in HALF THE TIME with this easy job search success course.


Over 4,300 professionals JUST LIKE YOU learned how the job search pros land  interviews at Fortune-ranked companies and end their  job searches 75% faster by investing less -t-than it takes to grab a nice dinner in this easy-to-use job search success  system!

Whether you are an executive seeking a C-level role or a professional trying to take the next step in your career, this online course gives you 40+ secrets certified professional resume writers and high-profile executive career coaches use to get into competitive roles at  companies like Google, Apple, IBM and other industry titans.

After applying the strategies and templates in this award-winning, self-paced JOB SEARCH SUCCESS system thousands of professionals have:

Received high-paying job offers from Fortune 100 companies like Google, Amazon, and the Big 4

Added TENS OF THOUSANDS to salary offers and

Learned how to network and reach out to recruiters that opened the door to unadvertised jobs


Are you like so many executives and professionals who…

    • Apply for jobs using Internet job boards… with little or no results?
    • Think the hidden job market is “just networking?”
    • Don’t know who to trust regarding job search help with the plethora of internet marketing hype out there?
    • If at the executive level, don’t know how to market yourself past talking to recruiters and a few networking contacts? Perhaps you have never had to ‘look for a job’ before?
    • Are ready to leap into a higher position and/or a higher compensation but don’t know how to get the right leverage to do it?
    • Don’t have time to spend hours and hours each day in a job search and wish you had an automated job search system you could set up that was turnkey and easy to manage
    • Despise cold calling and making follow up phone calls that leave you feeling awkward and self-conscious?
    • Want to change industries, but don’t know where to start?
    • Are unsure about how to identify your best target market, either locally, in another city or even a different state?
    • Don’t really know how to use LinkedIn in your job search or how to set up and optimize your LinkedIn profile?
    • Are frustrated when it comes quantifying your achievements, communicating your value and branding yourself?
    • Want to be choosier about your next career move, but the lack of response you have gotten so far leaves you feeling desperate to jump at the very next thing that comes along
  • Feel isolated and even depressed about your current job search?
  • Suspect you are being overlooked for perfect positions due to your age, job history, lack of academic credentials, a bad reference or qualifications?

If any of the above describes you, you are not alone! In fact, these are common problems. And up until now, there hasn’t been a single resource that you could tap into to quickly get the answers you are looking for.

Both as a recruiter and an internationally known executive career coach, I have walked hand-in-hand with thousands of mid- to executive-level professionals through their entire job search. For years people have paid me nearly $300 an hour to solve their most challenging job search problems, and create powerful strategies for them to secure high quality interviews and very lucrative offers quickly and efficiently. In fact…

  • I have helped people negotiate $5k, $10k, $25k and even $200k more into their compensation packages.
  • I have helped scores of professionals change industries, roles and relocate, and STILL secure a pay increase!
  • I helped save them tens of thousands of dollars of lost monthly income from being in a long, frustrating fruitless job search.
  • I have shown professionals how to easily tap into the 80% of hidden jobs that are never advertised – because that’s the sweet spot: where the best positions+best compensation and total lack of competition meet. I put them back in the driver’s seat so they can go after what they wanted versus waiting for the “right” job to pop up on a job board somewhere and apply with 500 other qualified candidates.


  • I did this for them…and I can show you how to do it too.

And I now have a way to offer you the same, exact, powerful information, tools, resources, done-for-you-templates, blueprints and phone scripts – neatly organized by topic in an online library of downloadable prerecorded audio coaching calls and supporting documents.

I call it my Job Search Success System.

Here are a few specifics:


    • The JSS has been helping job seekers for 7 years now. So it’s proven. And we update it every year with the latest information and resources!
    • The JSS has a nearly non-existent refund rate. In other words, it works. Plus I back it with a money-back guarantee.
    • The JSS won our most prestigious industry associations “2011 Career Innovators Award” (Career Directors International).
    • The JSS works for new grads, mid-level managers and executives – because it teaches right mindset PLUS strategy.
    • The JSS works in both good and bad economies.
  • The JSS is amazingly affordable and you can access it instantly!

Here’s a quick list of what YOU get with the
VIP Job Search Success System:

    • 10 Simple Steps to Job Search Success. The core and foundation of your success, these 10 steps will help you to easily outline your job search goals and best strategies. After filling this out, you will be crystal clear on where you are going and what you need to do to get there (a $150.00 value).
    • Additional Support Guides To Help You Get Focused and Introductions to Today’s Cutting Edge Job Search Strategies. Done-for-you templates and checklists to guide you through your entire job search. These include the Job Search Success Blueprint, A Six-Figure “Rolodex” of hand selected career and job search resources and a step-by-step list of executive job search strategies (a $600.00 value).
  • 14 Modules Containing 20- to 45-Minute Prerecorded Audio Coaching Calls on HOT Topics. Your private online classroom of prerecorded audio coaching calls for you to instantly access and listen to. You may also download and keep these audio coaching calls in your business library for future reference. Everything is neatly organized by topic and typical job-search sequence. Listen to the coaching modules you need – either in order or skip to what you need to know. These powerful modules contain the “nuts and bolts” instructions vital to your success; the same strategies I’ve been teaching to hundreds of professionals who go on to achieve career success (a $1,750.00 value)!Modules include:
  • Quickstart Guide
  • Module One: Create Your Career Plan: Get Focused on Your Branding, Goals, and Job Search Strategy
  • Module Two: The Secrets to Tapping into the Hidden Job Market
  • Module Three: Social Networking Job Search Techniques
  • Module Four: Ace Your Interviews & Salary Negotiation: How to Discuss Money at Every Stage of Your Job Interview
  • Module Five: Networking and How to Apply it to Your Job Search
  • Module Six: Working with Executive Recruiters
  • Module Seven: The Benefits of Associations in Your Job Search and Career
  • Module Eight: Time Saving Tips To Manage Your Job Search
  • Module Nine: Executive Job Search Strategies
  • Module Ten: Build a Results-Producing Resume and the Most Powerful Cover Letters on the Planet
  • Module Eleven: How to Get and Use References
  • Module Twelve: Use Social Networking in Your Job Search and Optimize LinkedIn to Pull Career Opportunities to You
  • Module Thirteen: Troubleshooting: Overcoming Job Search Challenges
  • Module Fourteen: Job Search Etiquette: Tips, Scripts, and Strategies for Following Up with Key Decision Makers
    • Custom Templates, Worksheets, and Phone Scripts.  These are batched with your audios to make sure everything provided for you is easy to use and ultra-effective.

With the Job Search Success System you will have total job search support.

As soon as you join, you will have immediate access to my powerful 10-step system where I show you exactly what to do to get your job search focused. This is supported with a library of “how-to” modules covering each step of your job search.

You can see results like these right away:


    • Learn why job boards are so ineffective and what to do instead (it’s so much easier than you might think!).
    • Start finding great positions that fit YOU utilizing the hidden job market.
    • How to quickly get focused on what you want (even if you don’t know what that is yet). I promise to make this easy and exciting, using the same successful blueprint I’ve created for my clients.
    • How to use resources on the Internet to quickly and easily find career opportunities that meet your career objectives and NEVER miss another golden opportunity!
    • Learn how to position yourself as THE expert in your field (and have the accolades to prove it) and how to use this to boost your career and your income.
    • How to generate multiple job interviews—no matter WHAT the economy is doing.
    • How to easily find companies in your targeted industry of interest (AND the key decision makers).
    • How to increase your salary by 10, 20, or even 50%!
    • How to ace tough interview questions like “Why should I hire you?,” “Where do you want to be in three to five years?,” and “What salary are you looking for?”
    • Learn how to network, getting all the information you need without ever having to ask your friends and associates if they know of anyone who is hiring.
    • Learn how to effortlessly identify companies that are expanding—companies that need and want key talent like you—and learn exactly how to connect with them.
    • What to say to recruiters that piques their interest in you (plus where to find them).
  • A sure-fire method you can use to meet with executives even if their company has NO posted job ads.

You can completely redesign your job search and immediately start seeing results

OR . . .

. . . you can continue to work really hard, sending resumes out into the market and wondering when and if the right company will ever respond to you!


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  1. Thomas Sokolowski

    “I wasn’t expecting the system to be as comprehensive as it was, I was pleasantly surprised. The content is invaluable and I was able to negotiate an additional $10,000 dollars to my offer! I could not be happier!” Thomas S. – CIO

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