My executive clients benefit from my expertise in behavioral psychology, powerful questions that shift their mindset, and insider knowledge of C-suite interviewing techniques that land 6-figure roles quickly.  You will learn to market yourself and your value offer to increase your earning potential for executive roles in any industry.

The objective is to focus on your potential by unearthing your unique value offer and packaging your delivery to set you above your competitors in the hiring manager’s mind. Together we uncover what’s in your way, and target your blind spots to empower you to increase your earning potential and scope of responsibility as often as you would like.

A few issues I address are:

Executive Presence – Project confidence and  poise under pressure. Inspire trust and engagement with the perfect mix of persuasive ability and charisma.

Communication Expertise– Whether it’s a critical negotiation or a quick chat by the water cooler, getting the right message across in the right way is paramount. I help leaders articulate their message clearly and confidently in every situation.

Increasing EQ  – Studies prove EQ is just as important, if not more so, than IQ. Learn the secrets that power growth and bind teams together – how to establish rapport instantly, influence & inspire teams to want to do what you want them to do, increase resilience and learn to truly listen.