Learn a Little About Katherine

Why do you think you didn’t get the last job?

Most of my executive resume clients answer that question with something like:

“The interviewer just didn’t recognize how great I am”


And they’re usually right. If your executive resume fails to instantly PROVE your value, your “perceived competence” (and subsequently “perceived value”) decreases.

What is “perceived competence”: We perceive how good you are based on context.  To prove this theory, psychologists conducted a now-famous experiment in 2014 with fascinating results. 


In 2014, world-famous violinist Joshua Bell performed in Union Station in Washington D.C. (a subway stop), wearing a T-shirt and baseball cap. He played the most complicated music pieces with virtuoso skill. The Stradivarius he played was worth $3.5 million just by itself. People pay hundreds of dollars to hear Joshua Bell play.

1,070 people walked right past, taking zero notice.

He made $32 and change from donations (and $20 of that was from someone who recognized him from playing the night before at the Library of Congress).

In the 45 minutes he played, only 7 people paused to listen.


The moral of the story is:

Out of context, we don’t recognize talent.

With no introduction, other people will never see how great you are.

You have to show them.

Through branding, marketing and positioning – and, of course, a strong executive resume.


Hi, I’m Katherine Miller, and I help executives like you to position yourself so other people immediately recognize your genius.

You can’t just be good. Other people have to believe you’re good. In fact: They have to believe you’re more competent than they are.

This is how most of my executive clients get placed in multimillion- dollar positions at Google, Amazon, AWS, and other Fortune 100 companies. They all have career brands and career marketing documents that outshine the competition in ultra-competitive roles.


Let me tell you the difference between an executive who gets President at Google and one who doesn’t: 


The candidate who gets the job goes into that interview with their value clear in their mind, prepared to convince the interviewer that they have something no one else has.


That “something” isn’t an advanced degree or years of experience. Everyone has those at the CxO level.


It’s showing the interviewers that you have the specific skills and knowledge that they lack


You have to fill the gap they need. And to do that, you need to know what that gap is, and how to show them that you’re uniquely able to create their desired outcomes.


They understand their limitations – the question is: Do you?

This is what gets you hired, and this is why my executive branding and resume packages always include strategy with the branding (along with the resume, references dossier, cover letters, thank you letters, etc.) I also include a follow-up strategy call, because strategy is that important.


You can build a relationship, you can be liked, you can play golf with the right people, but what gets you in the door at the highest level at these cutthroat companies is to make them believe that you understand their problem and you can fix it.


And that is the real secret sauce of my approach to executive brand strategy — working together to do the research, surface their weaknesses, and position you as The Candidate to fix them.


I’m not here to help you keep the status quo in your career. I’m here to get you the job where your genius is recognized and richly rewarded.


Here are a few facts about me:

  • I am one of only a handful of Master Certified Professional Resume Writers with a Bachelor of Science and Master-level training in Psychology. My approach is science-backed and grounded in an understanding of what makes people act.
  • Even fewer also have a background in marketing – I treat your job search like a marketing campaign.
  • Fun Fact: I would have been a psychologist if I hadn’t married a military man who keeps us on the move. So I’ve run specialty construction companies (I was selected as the first woman in the company to run a regional division) and I’ve worked as a paralegal and recruiter. I’ve seen many sides of many different businesses.
  • My clients have been hired for multimillion-dollar C-Level positions at: Google, Amazon, AWS and other global Fortune 100 powerhouses. 



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